About us: Expanding Inspiring Connecting

About AlerisLife

AlerisLife is the provider of an evolving portfolio of residential and lifestyle services to older adults, that are financially flexible and choice-based. With roots in senior living, we are expanding our reach and vision, seeking to pioneer nontraditional ways to meet the needs of coming generations of aging adults.

Our offerings span physical spaces, life enrichment programs and innovative conveniences, with curated choices to honor personal preferences, enable newfound freedoms and inspire daily discoveries.

Our Guiding Principles

Building the future from the inside out

The AlerisLife approach is designed to benefit our team members as well as our customers. As an employer of choice, we focus on personal growth by offering guidance and mentoring while creating and maintaining a strong sense of community. We firmly believe that by modeling now what we see for the future, we'll succeed in realizing our vision of a world in which quality of life is ageless. Learn what inspires us.