Making the most of now, and next

We are committed to furthering the quest to live life to the fullest. To never stop advancing.

Never Stop Advancing

AlerisLife partners with older adults and their families to make the most of every day through life-enhancing products and services that provide inspiration, guidance and curation.

What's now – and next

The baby boomer generation in the United States is able to choose how its members spend their later years, and its numbers are growing.
17.8% rise in the 75+ demographic 
in the last 10 years
74.9 million baby boomers in the US today
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, “2014 National Population Projections”, and
Nourishing at every turn

Nourishing at every turn

At AlerisLife, we see a world in which quality of life is ageless, where how we live is constantly nourished with new offerings that grow and evolve as we do. That means curated options that not only support, but inspire. Services and amenities that are needs-based and choice-driven. And new innovations that surprise and delight.

That’s AlerisLife.

Enriching and inspiring the journey of life at Five Star Senior Living

Providing a warm, inviting environment where seniors of all abilities and interests can thrive. Innovative, evidence-based approaches to health and wellness during retirement, and fine dining experiences that rival your favorite restaurants.